Madan is a rhythm that was taught to Mark by Iya Sako. The rhythm is called Madan in Mali and Djagbé in Guinea and is traditionally played at the Tabaski festival at the end of Ramadan. It accompanies a circle dance where men and women dance together.

These videos were made by Liz, Victor and Victor’s son at Broadacre house on 2nd April and 16th April 2015.

This is the full run-through of Madan filmed by Liz from the side:

And this is the exact same run-through filmed by Victor’s son from the front:

The following video clips break down the djembé and bass drum parts, followed by a final fast version that we did at the end of the session!

Call and echauffement against the beat, accompaniment and djembé solos 1, 2 and 3:

Sadly, the video first video where Mark breaks down the solos was corrupted so we don’t have the first djembé solo 🙁

Here is the second djembé solo:

And the third djembé solo:

Dun echauffement, introduction / break and basic rhythm:

Sangban introduction / break and basic rhythm (simple) plus break down of bell pattern:

Sangban echauffement, break and basic rhythm (more complex):

Dun variation:

Sangban variations:

Dun and sangban together:

Kenkeni echauffement, break and basic rhythm:

Sangban and kenkeni played together:

Nine bass drums together!

Final fast and funky run through at the end of the session: